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Apollon Temple Side

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The Turkish kitchen has a great variety and is typical mediterranean. A few dishes will be introduced below, but it is a MUST to try PIDE or LAHMACUN (Turkish pizza) - very thin and often with meat on it - cheese only If You desire - combine it with a fresh salad) or Tavuk Şiş (grilled chicken) or the very simple Gözleme (thin bread dough, covered e.g. with goat cheese, walnuts or potatoes). And we don't forget the Döner - but try it perhaps wrapped in a thin bread dough - but in this case it is called Dürüm.

Often we are guests by ourselves in the following restaurants:

But don't hesitate to try a restaurant - there are a lot of good ones... 



Conny's Restaurant in Side-Kemer

Here a special hint!! Conny's - as well a hotel with nice oriental rooms as also one of the best restaurants in Side. We especially recommend the various steaks here. 

Conny's is located in Side-Kemer opposite of the wellknown beach "Büyük Plaji". 

With a click on the symbol You 'll reach Conny's homepage -   


Trout farm - in Titryengöl / Side

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If You like fish (we recommend trouts or eel), You will be satisfied here. But that is not the onliest reason to visit it. Because of its position (in front of the river and also near the sea) and because of their free walking animals like pelicans, chickens, hares, peacocks, turkeys and dogs is this restaurant a MUST.

You are also allowed to visit the fish cultivation and to buy some fish for a dinner at home.

The restaurant is located 2 km behind the tourist hotels of Titryengöl.


Kazan - in Titryengöl / Sorgun (Side)

Located next by the Manavgat-river between Titryengöl and Sorgun. In the summer months You should take place under the shady trees (don't forget remedy against moscitos) - and in the winter time inside arround the open fireplace. We recommend all fish dishes (only 3 £ for the trouts) and "Sac Kavurma" (a Turkish specialty of beef and lamb), but also the "Osman pan" is a temptation. We don't want to forget "Sigara Böregi", this are smal rolls (like cigarettes) filled with cheese - it's a nice starter.

Orfoz - ancient City of Side

A Top-Restaurant in the ancient City of Side next to the harbour. 3 or 4 m distance to the sea You will enjoy the atmosphere. But they have touristic prices.

It doesn't matter what You will eat here - because everything tastes good - but we recommend especially the fish meals. You will choose the fish, you want to eat, by Yourself - and then they will prepare it. Wonderful also the shrimps or the meat, the best is to order everything on the menu.

Sultan Sofrası - Manavgat-City

If You are in the City of Manavgat on the yellow bridge, please go left (not in direction of the bazaar) and follow the river, after 250 m You will reach the restaurant. We visit this restaurant because of its position (next to the river) and because of their Turkish menus - we recommend especially the "Sultan Böregi" - very good chees rolls.

Petek - in Manavgat and Side

Petek is a Turkish cake shop (pastanesi). In the meantime Petek has several branches. Here You will find the best cakes or puddings of the whole region and we also recommend the Cappuccino. The fresh strawberry cakes or the eclairs are worth for a sin.

Antalya Balik Evi - in Antalya-Lara

Next to the beach of Lara there is a First Class fish-restaurant but also with European prices. But here You will eat tasteful in a nice atmosphere - but they only serve FISH (no meat available). And they have an excellent selection of wine. Taste a cool white Çankaya wine perhaps in combination with a grilled dorade?

Stella's - Antalya-City

Located on the main street (shopping mile) in Antalya (Atatürk Bulvari) - near the parking places of the City garden. One of the restaurants with European food and female waiters. You should eat here steaks and in the winter time drink a glass of punsh. This is also a meeting point for English inhabitants.

Bistro Shakespeare Migros-Center - Antalya-Konyaaltı

On the 2nd floor of the big MIGROS shopping centre in Antalya You will find this bistro. If You are a little bit hungry after Your shopping tour - please stop in this restaurant. We recommend the Beef Stroganoff and as dessert Tiramisu. They serve also a very good coffee or cappuccino.

Hotel Angel Saadet in Kizkalesi

This small, but fine hotel next to the sandy beach of Kizkalesi - of course with view on the famous castle in the sea - is managed by the owners Saadet and her American husband Patrick. We recommend this hotel not only for accomodation, but also for the breakfast (famous because of Saadet's selfmade jam).

For Dinner we recommend the delicious steaks, well prepared by Patrick - like it is known from his home country - the United States.

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Saadet (Angel)

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Patrick (Devil)

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Hotel Angel Saadet

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Front Hotel-terrace


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View from the hotel


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Dinner with asparagus

saadet-pfefferminztee.JPG (1388368 Byte)

Fresh peppermint tea


Inci - Fish Restaurant in Narlikuyu / Kizkalesi

If you like fresh fish and to sit in an idyllic bay next to the seafront, then you should visit this restaurant. Also the shrimps and squids are a highlight - try the rucola salad with garlic and the special vinegar.

Armada Club-Restaurant in Mersin next to the sea

If You spend time for shopping in Mersin and You are hungry, then You should try the Armada Restaurant. Located at the seafront Boulevard between the Hilton Hotel and the yacht harbour.

We recommend the stuffed Crêpes (for example filled with spinach or chicken breast with sweet pepper etc. etc.). But also other delicious and unusual dishes are available, for example beaf fillet role stuffed with herbes and cheese. 

This restaurant is open for everybody, although it is a Sport-Club-Restaurant, but because of this the menus are really cheap. 


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