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apollon-gr.jpg (450560 Byte)

Apollon Temple Side

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Renovation / Redevelopment / Refurbishment

A lot of Turkish properties are located in more than beautiful surroundings with a fantastic view and they are really affordable, but often they don't meet European standard. But the most customers haven't time and opportunity to do it by themselves or to control it at least.

We offer our renovation service to our customers - and we work with German experts. So You will get, what You are expecting to a fixed price.

As follows some examples of renovated properties, so You can see the quality You would get:

1. Example Semidetached House

Reno-Wolf-alt-aussen.jpg (396438 Byte) house

before / after

reno-wolf-neu-haus.JPG (406133 Byte)
Reno-Wolf-alt-Gaestebad.jpg (376813 Byte) guest bathroom

before / after

Reno-Wolf-neu-Gaestebad.JPG (434621 Byte)
Reno-Wolf-alt-Badoben.jpg (381256 Byte) bathroom

before / after

Reno-Wolf-neu-Badoben.JPG (373156 Byte)
Reno-Wolf-alt-Dachterrasse.jpg (380332 Byte) roof terrace

before / after

Reno-Wolf-neu-Dachterrasse.JPG (370389 Byte)


2. Example Penthouse

reno-delia-alt-gebaeude.jpg (42659 Byte) building

before / after

reno-delia-neu-gebaeude.JPG (1826652 Byte)
reno-delia-alt-kueche.jpg (47504 Byte) kitchen

before / after

reno-delia-neu-kueche.JPG (835606 Byte)
reno-delia-alt-bad.jpg (28995 Byte) bathroom

before / after

reno-delia-neu-bad.JPG (1545273 Byte)
reno-delia-alt-wohnzimmer.jpg (53965 Byte) living-room

before / after

reno-delia-neu-wohnzimmer.JPG (1722875 Byte)
reno-delia-alt-treppe.jpg (31431 Byte) staircase

before / after

reno-delia-neu-treppe.JPG (1020403 Byte)
reno-delia-alt-schlafzimmer.jpg (41669 Byte) bedroom

before / after

reno-delia-neu-schlafzimmer.JPG (1545110 Byte)
reno-delia-alt-terrasse.jpg (386358 Byte) roof terrace

before / after

reno-delia-neu-terrasse.JPG (1720655 Byte)


3. Example Semidetached House

Nazaar-Haus.jpg (389652 Byte) house

before / after

Nazaar-Peer-Haus.jpg (391208 Byte)
Peer-alt-Bad.jpg (167200 Byte) bathroom

before / after

Nazaar-Peer-Bad.jpg (398903 Byte)
Peer-alt-Kueche.jpg (177387 Byte) kitchen

before / after

Nazaar-Peer-Kueche.jpg (379518 Byte)
Peer-alt-Wohnzimmer.jpg (57859 Byte) living-room

before / after

Peer-neu-Wohnzimmer.jpg (380426 Byte)


4. As follows some additional works

high-gartenterrasse.JPG (387043 Byte)

garden terrace

high-offenerKamin.JPG (384764 Byte)

open fireplace

high-burgDachterrasse.JPG (401319 Byte)

side view

high-wz-kueche.jpg (380089 Byte)


high-overview.jpg (1140934 Byte)

also inside

high-dachterrasse.jpg (1476361 Byte)

roof terrace

high-haus.JPG (544044 Byte)

Osmanic style

high-wanne.jpg (506542 Byte)

hugh bathtub

high-dusche.jpg (1034111 Byte)

rain shower

high-bad.jpg (1205858 Byte)

small bathroom

high-terrassenidylle.jpg (245901 Byte)

idyllic place

high-blick.jpg (76378 Byte)



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