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Apollon Temple Side

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NEWS about our own matters

A year ago we decided to extend our businesses. In the past we worked only in the region of  Side / Manavgat (Antalya), but now we offer our services as well in Kizkalesi / Ayaş (Mersin).

Our reasons are:



beautiful nature, the mountains of Taurus close to the shore, deep impressive Canyons, wonderful small bays (with sandy, pebble or rocky beaches), a lot of ancient places and the longest sandy beach of Turkey with 35 km
the European tourism is in the beginning and growing, but the well-known travel-agencies discovered this area in the meantime and so You find the first travel offers
there are now also direct flights from Europe to Adana airport (also in the winter time)
a new airport in Kumkuyu is planned. The Turkish Government already decided to build the airport. The start of construction is planned in 2008. After completion the tourism areas will be in 20 km distance from the new airport.
typical turkish atmosphere (at home we have Europe by ourselves)
prices for properties, like they were 5 to 8 years ago in the region of Antalya or Bodrum
also property positions next to the beach / sea and not divided by a main road are available for reasonable prices
good profit margins with properties, because of the growing tourism

Of course we help with all our services here as well (like finding a notary, lawyer, interpreter, a craftsman, booking flights vor you, organizing the airport transfer, renovating etc. etc.)

As follows some photos - but perhaps You come to visit this area by Yourself.

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news-berglandschaft2.JPG (1685694 Byte)


news-flussrestaurant.JPG (1578627 Byte)

Restaurant in a river

news-kalksandsteinfelsen.JPG (1659689 Byte)

Bay with lime-sandstone rock

news-bucht-segler.JPG (1749231 Byte)

Bay with gulets

news-picknick-bucht.JPG (1654436 Byte)

Picknick bay

news-canyon.JPG (1797855 Byte)


news-canyon2.JPG (1696727 Byte)


news-einsamer-strand.JPG (1675660 Byte)

Deserted beaches

news-steilwand.JPG (1654288 Byte)

Wall in the mountains

news-kizkalesi.JPG (370896 Byte)

Castle of Kizkalesi

news-korykosburg.JPG (365978 Byte)

Korykos-Castle in Kizkalesi

news-Salzsee.JPG (1693553 Byte)

Salt lake

news-moorlandschaft.JPG (1704118 Byte)


news-wueste.JPG (1424290 Byte)

Desert ...

news-yachthafen-mersin.JPG (1730477 Byte)

Yachts in Mersin

news-wohnanlage-amMeer.JPG (382267 Byte)

Houses next to the sea TOP!!

news-toplage-ayas.JPG (1614584 Byte)

Top position in Ayaş


The information about the actual Turkish Title Deeds law for foreigners - which You could read on this page in the past are NOW on our website under the button "Service Important" and there under  "IMPORTANT".



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