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Apollon Temple Side

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Company Overview TürkDomizil


Manavgat / Antalya
Tel.-No.: (Turkey) +90 / 544 /  347 47 42
Tel.-No.: (Germany) +49 / 2151 / 449 71 80
E-mail:   post@tuerkdomizil.com




D. Schröder

Trained in a commercial profession and with a study of business administration later, is Mrs. Schröder specialized in Marketing and Sales. She was born near Düsseldorf (Germany). 

She was employed in international companies like BAYER AG and Barclays Bank. 

The last 6 years before she set up "TürkDomizil" in 2001, she was responsible as Sales Manager and Office Manager for Schlumberger Hamburg, an international company which sells measurement equipment and oil platforms worldwide. 

Mrs. Schröder speaks German, English, French, some Spanish and some Turkish.

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D. Schröder



H.I. Öztürk

Mr. Öztürk was born in Ankara and came with an age of 12 years to Germany. Here he attended with success a German school and completed his apprenticeship as a carpenter. After 15 years in Germany he went back into his home country and worked here as a clerk of a wholesaler.

Since 2003 he supports as a Turkey-Insider our company. He is responsible for the purchases of properties and as well for the Organization.

2004 Mr. Öztürk passed his examination as Real Estate Agent in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and he became a member of the board of the official Real Estate Association here in Manavgat. 

Mr. Öztürk speaks Turkish, German and some English.

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H.I. Öztürk



Our Security Team

Jacky & Max are real Turkish street dogs. Always they are taking care of us - since years.





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